Lighting a Pilot

Gas log accessory kit with pilot-modifiedDirections on lighting a pilot on a set of traditional gas logs in your fireplace.

Please read these instructions prior to watching the video as they will help you in understanding the landscape before proceeding to re-light your pilot.


Most pilot re-lighting is necessitated by either mistakenly turning off the gas supply or having had the pilot flame blown out by a downdraft from the chimney. In either case it is important to locate the pilot assembly prior to re-lighting.

1. You may want to wear gloves and have a carton or spread paper nearby to place the logs, as they maybe sooty. Begin by removing the uppermost logs from the stack, to the side of the knob and visually locate the termination point (pilot assembly) of the thin copper and slightly larger aluminum lines from the back of the control valve. You will see a hooded deflector cap at the top of the pilot assembly. This is the intended location of the burning pilot flame. Now open the flue and confirm the gas supply to the fireplace is on.

2. Go to the control knob and rotate it to the pilot position. If the knob is located to the right of the stack of logs the indicator should point straight up (12 o’clock), if on the left, it should point straight down (6 o’clock). In either case, it is at this position that you should be able to depress the knob, 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch. Note, if the indexing has faded from the knob just rotate it the full range, 1/2 of a full rotation and then return to the midpoint of the rotation where you should be able to depress the knob as above. You may need to wiggle the knob to find the exact slot that will allow the depression.

3. Now you need a match or butane lighter. Light and hold the lighter flame near the termination hood on the pilot while depressing the control knob. You may notice some deflection in the held flame caused by the escaping air. Continue to hold the flame and the knob until the pilot flame is re-lit.

4. Continue holding the knob in for up to 60 seconds, which allows the thermocouple to warm enough so that the pilot flame will continue burning once you release the knob. If the flame goes out when you release the knob, repeat the above process until the flame stays on when the knob has been released.

5. Restack the removed logs.

6. Back away from on top of the logs and rotate the control knob in a counterclockwise direction, approximately 1/4 turn. This should light the main burner and your back in business. Rotate the knob back to the pilot position to turn off the logs while allowing the pilot to stay lit for the next time. To shut both the logs and the pilot off rotate the knob to its full clockwise position.

You may find the following videos helpful in relighting your pilot

Click here for a video showing How to light the pilot on a vented gas log set

If you are continuing to have difficulty, we can schedule a service visit to address your needs.