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The best seat in the house

Our past has conditioned us to prefer gathering around a roaring fire with family and loved ones to share our most special moments. Adding a fireplace may be all a room needs to make it the best place in the house. But there are many factors to consider in selecting the best fit for your space and lifestyle. It would be impossible to include all the information available for each type of fireplace we represent. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for on-site assistance. You will also find links to informative, short videos on our “Helpful Links” page.

  • Wood Burning Fireplaces

    Wood Burning Fireplaces

    Wood burning fireplaces require a chimney to vent the smoke to the outside, so it is as important to consider the routing of the chimney components as it is the appearance and location of the finished fireplace installation. Factory made fireboxes are available in several sizes, each with a proprietary system of chimney piping, fire stops, offsets, termination caps, surrounds and mantles making the coordination of components into a functioning fireplace a daunting task. We have years of experience in assisting homeowners and their contractors from concept to completion. See the following brochures for more information: Majestic Wood Burning Fireplaces/Regency Wood Burning Fireplaces, Stoves and Inserts
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  • Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

    Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

    Direct Vent fireplaces are gas burning only and include imitation logs in a set position behind a fixed glass panel. Though the fire is not as robust as that of a wood fire, a DV fireplace will fit almost anywhere and can be more easily installed and vented than its wood burning cousins . The vent brings in the combustion air and exhausts the hot through a portal slightly larger than that of your clothes dryer, so it is not subject to the indoor air quality concerns as are vented, wood burning fireplaces. A DV fireplace can be operated by remote control or even a convenient wall mounted thermostat. They are a perfect solution to a low heat condition often found in converted sun rooms and remodeled basements. See the following brochures for more information:Mendota Gas DV Fireplace/Mendota Videos/Regency Traditional Gas DV Fireplace/Regency Contemporary DV Gas Fireplace/Regency Videos/Empire Comfort Traditional Gas DV Fireplace/Empire Comfort Contemporary Gas DV Fireplace
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  • Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts

    Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts

      Gas fireplace inserts are one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to transform your existing fireplace into a beautiful and efficient heat source. Wood burning fireplaces are inherently messy and drafty, as well as costly to operate and maintain. Gas fireplace inserts feature a sealed combustion, direct vent technology that keeps the warm air in and the cold air out, assuring high indoor air quality, maximum efficiency and trouble-free operation. The messy ashes and lingering odors can be a thing of the past, replaced by the simple touch of a button. See the following brochures for more information: Mendota Traditional Gas Fireplace Insert/Mendota Contemporary Gas Fireplace Insert/Regency Gas Fireplace Insert
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  • Unvented Gas Fireplaces

    Unvented Gas Fireplaces

    Un-vented fireplaces have no chimney. Instead they utilize a clean burning, high efficiency gas log set that is complete with onboard safety monitoring components that shut the set off in the event of a depleted oxygen situation. They are intended to be used where wood burning or direct vent fireplaces can't be installed. They are best used in a large space with an abundance of fresh air. It is important to note that they produce significant amounts of heat and moisture, which are sometimes a concern. They should not be used in bedrooms and bathrooms. See the following brochures for more information: Empire Comfort VF Fireplaces/Empire Comfort Linear VF Fireplaces/ Empire Comfort Loft VF Fireplaces
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  • Electric Fireplaces

    Electric Fireplaces

    Electric fireplaces can go almost anywhere. They only need a space on the wall, near an electric outlet and do not require a chimney. There are even models that are designed to convert your current wood burning fireplace to the convenience of electric. Their flame display technology has improved immensely from their earliest days of red lights and dangling tinsel. They can be matched with an elegant wooden mantle, available in several styles and finishes to help the fireplace look at home anywhere. See the following brochures for more information: Classic Flame Electric Fireplaces/ Modern Flame Electric Fireplaces/ Dimplex Electric Fireplace Inserts, Simplifire Inserts & Fireplaces, Electric Log Sets  
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