Fireplace Equipment

Though not essentials, these are certainly handy

Shopping for the major fireplace essentials is what first brings people to us, but it’s the little things that are needed along the way that are the hardest to find. We have been tending to our customer’s needs for so long that we have what you need even before you find you need it. Our customers are happy to find that we have many more reasons for them to return again.

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  • Starting the Fire Items

    Starting the Fire Items

    Nothing sounds simpler than lighting a fire. However, you can be more successful and look like a real fireplace pro with any of the products found in this category.
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  • Fireplace Clean-up Items

    Fireplace Clean-up Items

    Don't let the chore of cleaning up keep you from enjoying your fireplace. Any of the following items will greatly be appreciated when its time to clean-up the mess.
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  • "Do it Yourself" Fireplace Repair Items

    "Do it Yourself" Fireplace Repair Items

    The use of any of the following fireplace maintenance items will add years to the life of your fireplace. Most needn't be applied by a professional. Follow the directions and you will be proud of your workmanship, not to mention the money you saved along the way.
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