Match Holders, Gas Key Covers & more


The charm is in the details

It’s natural to focus on the glass doors, screens, tool sets and andirons when updating a fireplace. But to neglect the small things is a common design error that detracts greatly from the overall expression.

  • Match Holders

    Match Holders

    There's nothing ordinary about our match holders Who says match holders have to be ordinary? Our selection is second to none. You are sure to find a unique and memorable new or vintage match holder in our great array. All vintage items pictured are subject to prior sale.
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  • Gas Keys & Covers

    Gas Keys & Covers

    Just as overlooked as knobs on kitchen cabinets Perhaps the most overlooked fireplace accessory, gas keys and matching escutcheon plates are a must during a fireplace upgrade. Coordinated keys and covers are just as important as the new fireplace screen and tool set. You certainly wouldn't consider reusing the original cabinet knobs in your kitchen upgrade.
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  • Damper Hooks

    Damper Hooks

    Often forgotten but most appreciated when its time for a fire A damper hook makes opening and closing the chimney damper a much easier and cleaner task. It hooks easily into the metal loop of the damper to push it open or pull it shut. When the damper is open, hang the damper hook onto the mantel or tool stand. This will serve as a reminder that the damper is open and will need to be closed when the fire is no longer burning. When the damper is shut leave the hook in the metal loop as a reminder that the damper will need to be opened before lighting the fire. There are many styles and finishes available to coordinate well with your existing hearth accessories.  
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  • Hand Crafted Bellows

    Hand Crafted Bellows

    Bellows make a great gift too All our bellows are created by American craftsmen from the finest woods and utilize suede or tanned leather. Some have twin intake valves to ease their operation. Why limit your choice in bellows to but a few? We have lots and lots, in different wood species and stains, all handmade and built to pass the test of time.
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