Grates & Wood Holders

And certainly not to be overlooked

Though not glamorous, grates and wood storage holders are certainly fireplace essentials.

We have grates to fit all size fireplaces, even two-sided as well as ones for shallow fireplaces and for deep ones, too.

Wood holders can be rather pedestrian but we think our selection is a cut above the rest.

Fire backs add charm as they increase the warmth into your room from the fire.

  • Heavy Duty Iron Grates

    Heavy Duty Iron Grates

    The last grate you'll need to buy, guaranteed These grates are made of robust 1 1/8 x 3/4 inch solid iron bars, welded together. Most are tall enough to stand above the gas log lighter pipes found in many fireplaces. They are lifetime guaranteed. In most cases andirons can be adapted to the front of the grate to create a more unique and classic burning display. Available in numerous sizes to fit most single and two-sided fireplaces. Please utilize our "GRATE MEASURING GUIDE" for a sure fit the first time
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  • Cast Iron Historical Grates

    Cast Iron Historical Grates

    Historically styled grates have a charm like no other Self-feeding grates assist a roaring fire by holding the embers nearer to the wood. The cast iron coal grates look natural in older historical homes with more shallow fireplaces. Please utilize our "GRATE MEASURING GUIDE" for a sure fit the first time.
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  • Firewood and Kindling Holders

    Firewood and Kindling Holders

    Wood holders can be stylish and rugged as well Wood holders, whether inside or out add order to the inherent disarray associated with burning wood. They seem to come in endless styles and finishes to coordinate well with any setting. All vintage items pictured are subject to prior sale.
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  • Firebacks


    Charm, protection and warmth all in one item Another throwback to an earlier time, fire backs have made a recent resurgence. Their benefits are threefold. They add character and charm, provide protection for the rear wall of the fireplace and increase the warmth generated from the fire. Fire backs can be used when burning wood or incorporated in a gas log display. Please utilize our "Fireback Measuring Guide" for a sure fit the first time.
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