Andirons & Decorative Grates

Details like these that will have you enjoying your fireplace for years to come

Andirons, decorative grates and fenders offer the final essential for fireplace design. When we think of a fireplace we envision the roaring fire within and its shadows dancing throughout the room. However, it is even more important to consider the attractiveness of the fireplace when the fire is not burning, as is the case for most of the time you are enjoying that room. A fireplace sets the decorative tone for a room. Dramatic, period andirons, an elegant grate or a fender can add tremendous interest and personalize your fireplace like no other essential.

  • New Andirons

    New Andirons

    New andirons will enhance any wood or gas log fireplace We have new andirons in a full range of styles from Antique Reproductions, through traditional to contemporary. We also have several unique artisan-inspired hand forged iron designs that date from the Crusades as well as delicate floral designs for a more eclectic enjoyment. See more examples of new andirons in our "INSPIRATIONS" section.
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  • Vintage Andirons

    Vintage Andirons

    A chance to personalize your fireplace like no other We have an extensive collection of vintage and antique andirons. They are notable because of their unique designs, many of which are no longer available. Our selection is being constantly updated as we locate additional, significant treasures. All the beautiful old fireplace andirons, antique brass andirons, vintage andirons, and others unique pieces pictured are subject to availability, as they are one-of-a-kind and may already be an enjoyable addition to someone's home. See more examples of vintage andirons in our "INSPIRATIONS" section.
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  • Coal Baskets & Decorative Grates

    Coal Baskets & Decorative Grates

    Truly memorable fires begin with a distinctive grate Though decorative grates may seem an unfamiliar category of fireplace essentials, it is one of the fastest growing as homeowners search for a more distinctive and artful expression of fire. We think of our fireplace as if the fire is always burning and for those times a decorative grate can certainly enhance the view with the flames highlighting the facets of the grate. But it’s at the times when the fire is not burning that a unique grate can set a fireplace apart from the ordinary. Any of our grates can be outfitted with a gas burner and artificial ceramic coals for a truly unique fireplace experience. We welcome you take a look at our beautiful open fire grate sets, fireplace baskets, gas coal baskets, and all our other unique essentials.
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  • Fenders


    Share memories by the fire with a close friend Though originally utilized to keep burning logs on the hearth and as a cooking tool rest the fireplace fender can be the perfect addition to any period correct fireplace area. They can also be designed as padded seating areas for friends and family to gather and share an intimate conversation by the fire.
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