Custom Standing Screens

Don’t overlook the design potential of a screen

Fireplace screens provide an endless opportunity to enhance your fireplace while speaking to your concerns for spark and child protection. A properly sized and styled screen can add years of safe enjoyment to our fireplace. Screens can be fashioned from brass or steel, in a multitude of finishes and every shape imaginable. We are more than happy to visit your home, bringing with our vast array of samples, photo examples and finish swatches to aid in your selection of the perfect screen.


  • Hanging Screens

    Hanging Screens

    Style and ease of use are the keys
    A hanging fireplace screen is the simplest way to protect against wayward sparks. However, with the use of decorative castings, a hanging screen can become picturesque. By thinking of a hanging screen as the frame to the dancing art of the fire within it, you can go a long way in transforming your fireplace from dull to dramatic. Design Hint: Don't think a black screen with black attachment bars will just fade away. Instead it accentuates the darkness of the opening. Consider a textured bar of another finish for the screen frame to better complement your fireplace. See more examples of custom hanging screens in our "INSPIRATIONS" section.
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  • Custom Free Standing Screens

    Custom Free Standing Screens

    A standing screen may be the most elegant
    Free standing fireplace screens offer endless design potential. You can have designs within the frame of the screen. They can be made with intricate brass frames to better capture a historical style. A screen can be made to fit any shaped fireplace opening and can be used in conjunction with a unique set of andirons for a special touch. A screen can be bowed to ease in the management of the fire by not having to be moved for lighting or adding wood. See more examples of custom standing screens in our "INSPIRATIONS" section.
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  • Custom Antique Reproductions Screens

    Custom Antique Reproductions Screens

    Historical designs for today's lifestyle
    A few screens have been deemed classical enough to transcend the years and remain a relevant design ingredient in today's historically themed settings. These antique reproduction fireplace screens are made of the finest quality brass with intricate finish details second to none. They can be accompanied by similarly designed historical toolsets and andirons with matching or complimentary finishes for the most regal look imaginable. See more examples of custom antique reproduction screens in our "INSPIRATIONS" section
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