Screen Doors

Quality Never Goes Out of Style

A custom fireplace screen door offers a unique and wonderful palette for individual expression. This door captures the rustic nature of its adjacent outdoor surroundings. It complements the style of the room and is an expression of the mood of its surroundings. With that said, it must also be easy to use, built of quality materials, add a factor of safety and be sized and installed properly for years of enjoyment. Please keep in mind that a door pictured as a rectangle can be made as an arch and any arch door you may like can be made as a rectangle. If you would like us to help in the selection process, we’re just a phone call away and are happy to provide in home estimates at no charge.

See more examples of custom screen doors in our “INSPIRATIONS” section

  • Single Door Antique Fireplace Screen

    “Made in America by True Craftsmen” This is but one example of the many fireplace doors available through Northshore Fireplace.  Each of the manufacturers we represent builds products that fit properly, are long lasting, stylish and above all provide good value for the homeowner.  Not every door is appropriate for a particular fireplace. Materials used, types of finishes applied, mounting considerations and the harmony of the completed door to its surroundings are all factors to take into consideration. In most designs, screen mesh or glass can be used interchangeably. We are happy to come to your home and help guide the way to a perfect new door for your fireplace. Helpful Hint: Please visit the “Inspirations” section of this website for more, in place examples of fireplace doors.
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