Andirons & Decorative Grates

Details like these that will have you enjoying your fireplace for years to come

Andirons, decorative grates and fenders offer the final essential for fireplace design. When we think of a fireplace we envision the roaring fire within and its shadows dancing throughout the room. However, it is even more important to consider the attractiveness of the fireplace when the fire is not burning, as is the case for most of the time you are enjoying that room. A fireplace sets the decorative tone for a room. Dramatic, period andirons, an elegant grate or a fender can add tremendous interest and personalize your fireplace like no other essential.

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  • Fireplace Fender

    Iron Grate Fender

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  • Vintage Andirons

    Vintage Andirons


    “What’s old can be new again”

    This andiron design has already survived the test of time. It was added to our collection because of its unique style and grace, which has all but disappeared in modern andirons. The utilization of andirons as a design focal point is a sure way to personalize your fireplace. It can be the inspirational centerpiece of your hearth and be used in harmony with other coordinated components for a true, one of a kind look. Consider it as the perfect complement to a set of gas logs.
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  • Wrought Iron Grate Detail

    Transform a Modern Fire Basket with the addition of anyone of these hand wrought iron details. We can add in a distinctive set of gas logs or you can use this grate with a wood fire.
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