Gas Fireplace Logs

Realism without the mess, plus a cozy warmth you’ll savor  


Perhaps your fireplace has already seen its share of wood fires and you’re considering switching to gas logs to avoid the mess inherent in burning wood. Or, you have found it increasingly more difficult to set aside the time needed to enjoy a wood fire, settling for holiday fires rather than enjoying your fireplace every evening with a good book in hand. Starting and tending a wood fire may not be all the fun it once was. We have several proprietary designs of gas logs that can be combined with innovative grate designs and control features to make any set of gas logs a one-of-a-kind creation.

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  • Wrought Iron Grate Detail

    Transform a Modern Fire Basket with the addition of anyone of these hand wrought iron details. We can add in a distinctive set of gas logs or you can use this grate with a wood fire.
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