Firewood and Kindling Holders

Wood holders can be stylish and rugged as well

Wood holders, whether inside or out add order to the inherent disarray associated with burning wood. They seem to come in endless styles and finishes to coordinate well with any setting. All vintage items pictured are subject to prior sale.

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  • Wrought Iron Wood Holder

    “American craftsmanship is alive and well” This wood holder will come to be an heirloom, not because of its price but because of its timeless style, exquisite craftsmanship and the artful combination of design, form and function. It’s unique, artistic presentation sets it apart from all the pretenders. It is handcrafted of the finest and hardiest wrought steel and can stand proudly as the centerpiece of your hearth or in harmony with other similarly created components.  It is available in the finish noted but can be produced in short order in several alternate finishes.
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