Damper Hooks

Often forgotten but most appreciated when its time for a fire

A damper hook makes opening and closing the chimney damper a much easier and cleaner task. It hooks easily into the metal loop of the damper to push it open or pull it shut. When the damper is open, hang the damper hook onto the mantel or tool stand. This will serve as a reminder that the damper is open and will need to be closed when the fire is no longer burning. When the damper is shut leave the hook in the metal loop as a reminder that the damper will need to be opened before lighting the fire. There are many styles and finishes available to coordinate well with your existing hearth accessories.


  • Damper Hook

    Dolphin Damper Hook

    Make opening and closing the damper a simple and clean task. Helpful Hint: Leave it hung on the damper handle once you close it to remind you that the damper is closed before you light the next fire.
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  • Gas Key and Damper Hook

    Gas Key and Damper Hook with Stand


    “Made in America by True Craftsmen”

    Made of solid brass, this matching gas key and damper hook collection is available in over 50 distinctly different finishes to stand in harmony with other coordinated components. Note:  Many times your enjoyment of a beautifully decorated fireplace is diminished by an unsightly gas key sticking out of the wall.
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