Modern Fire Basket with Iron Detail

Enhance the Look of Your Fireplace

This Modern Fire Basket allows for the attachment of any style andiron, laser cut panel or wrought iron element to completely transform the look of your fireplace. Now you can coordinate the inside of your fireplace with the decor and style of the room it is in. We can complement the modern fire basket by adding a set of andirons, a laser cut panel or a wrought iron element. we can add a set of gas logs and hide the controls for a truly fantastic new look to your fireplace or you can use this stylistic grate with a wood burning fireplace.

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Wrought Iron Grate DetailView
Gas Logs with MFB and Grate FacingView

Contemporary, Rustic

Approximate Dimensions

Available in 20″, 24″ 28″ Widths


Matte Black

Shipping Information

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Modern Fire Basket with Iron Detail