Vent Free Stove

You can choose this cast iron vent-free stove in one of two sizes and up to five colors of rich porcelain, plus matte pewter or black. Additionally it is available in two types of ignition, a basic Millivolt system in which you light a standing pilot with a pushbutton ignitor and then operate the stove manually with an on/off switch concealed on the back of the stove or with one an optional remote control systems. Your second choice is an IP system which eliminates the need for a standing pilot for even greater energy savings. Pressing the on/off switch ignites the pilot, which then ignites the main burner. IP systems can also operate with an optional remote control.

All Cast Iron Stoves can provide heat during extended power outages.

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Stacked Aged Oak Vent Free Gas LogsView
Super Sassafras Vent Free Gas LogsView
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Available in Sizes to fit Most Fireplaces

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