Straight Top Steel Multi-panel Screen

This 3-panel screen provides the maximum spark protection you desire and a look that is simple yet stylish enough to complement any hearth décor. This screen utilizes high grade mesh attached to thick steel bars with corners that are tightly mitered and welded. The side panels are connected using heavy-duty hinges to weather years of rugged use without becoming loose and sagging. This screen is available in the size and finish noted but an alternative one can be produced in short order in any size and in several complimentary finishes.

As a design hint: The addition of andirons in conjunction with this screen will greatly improve the overall appearance of your fireplace. Many examples of this concept are available in the “Inspirations” section of this website.

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Contemporary, Traditional

Approximate Dimensions

30″ Wide x 32.5″ tall x 8″ Sides

Finish Shown

Antique Steel

Finishes in Stock

Antique Steel

Custom Sizing

Available in Custom Sizes and Several Additional Finishes

Shipping Information

Packaging and shipping is available on this item.

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Straight Top Steel Multi-panel Screen